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Nightly Prizes

When you play at a Kontenders Social  poker events, you are always playing for something.

  • Not just for the fun of playing a great game with good people at some of the best bars in your area…
  • Not just the league points that can get you into our Regional or Quarterly Tournaments….
  • Not just the VIP Tournament, or the other special events we offer…
  • Not just the cash prize for Battle of Champions and other events…
  • And not just the hope of winning a seat to a big tournament, and multiple travel packages to cover your airfare and hotel, although we certainly have all that.
Really? A free seat to a big tournament, with a travel package to get me there?Yes! Check out the $100,000 and $200,000 guaranteed Bar Poker Open tournaments, held twice a year (Las Vegas in June, Atlantic City now in October)…..

One of our players won $22,900, just by playing free bar poker! And he isn’t even all that good! ; )

But on top of all that, we have nightly prizes at our games, which vary by venue, but take the form of gift certificates and cash…..and who doesn’t love that?

Prizes for each venue are shown on the venue pages.


Win Cash and Gift Certificates Nightly, up to $50 and sometimes more!


Numerous Special Tournaments, with Great Prizes, Held Locally!


Seats and even travel packages for the Bar Poker Open!

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